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Donate £5

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As a small, volunteer run charity we do not receive any official support or funding. All of our income comes from adoptions, sales and donations from our amazing supporters - you! 

We know that everyone lives to different means and feel very strongly that donations, while hugely appreciated, should not negatively impact you and your families. With that in mind, if you are in a position to give a little to help us reach more ferrets in need then we'd just like to say thank you.

This order item is for a £5.00 donation to the rescue.

You can add multiples of this to your basket to reach a total you have in mind, if you want to. 

Please note that our webshop is sensitive to order values and will also increase the postage if the order total goes above £23.99 

If this happens we will manually refund you the excess postage and let you know (Although if you are happy to donate that also, that's not a problem!)